World Cup 2019 Venues – Roazhon Park


Field Fridays – Roazhon Park

Every Friday, this Friday is Roazhon Park, I will be posting a new city and stadium that will be participating in next months World Cup. Not just focusing on the city I will give you a little history/ story of the unknown cities and tell you about some food that you just can’t miss.

2019 Women’s World Cup will be held in 9 cities across the beautiful country of France and today we are traveling 350 km west of Paris and the Parc des Princes to Rennes and Roazhon Park, where my favorite team calls home, Stade Rennais.

Rennes, France

The name might sound silly to an outsider but Roazhon is actually the way to say Rennes in Breton, the original language of the region. You might be surprised to know that this language has Celtic Origin and comes from the time when the region was controlled by England. If you are lucky enough to hear it, very unlikely though since most people don’t speak it anymore, you will be surprised at how completely different it is from French. No trip to Rennes would be complete without walking around the historic center in the north which is much different to the city center in the south due to the 1720 fire that destroyed most of the city. Which means you can be mesmerized by the colorful traditional half-timbered buildings. If you catch a match on the weekend in this area you will find

Half-timbered housing
Medeival Rennes and half-timbered housing in Place Saint Anne

Place Lices and an amazing Saturday morning market where you can really feel the hustle and bustle of French life. But my personal favorite place to visit is Parc du Thabor: a beautiful garden a stone’s throw from the city center and just one of the reasons Rennes is one of the greenest cities in France. Without a doubt the one thing you must eat in Rennes are galettes, found alm

Parc du Thabor
The beautiful allure of Parc du Thabor

ost everywhere this is a salty crepe but with a brown color made from the special flour used. And to wash that down a big mug of cider is the only appropriate thing to do. The best part is if you are only here for the match there are usually food trucks outside the stadium selling these delicious treats filled with sausage affectionately known to locals as a Galette Saucisse.

Roazhon Park

Roazhon Park
Inside Roazhon Park

Club: Stade Rennais
Capacity: 29,778
Opened: 1912
Fun Fact: The park went over capacity to 30, 519 on 7 March 2019 when Stade Rennais beat Arsenal 3-1 in Europa League.

Group Matches:

Chile vs. Sweden
11 June

Japan vs. Scotland
14 June

Nigeria vs. France
17 June

Thailand vs. Chile
20 June

If you want to know more about the Women’s World Cup subscribe to this blog and follow Every Wednesday we will break down the groups and give you the who’s who of the teams with our Women Crush Wednesday segment and come back Friday for our Field Fridays to know more about the stadiums and the cities where the games will be held.


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