5 Reason’s Why Women’s Football Might Come Out of Covid-19 Shinning!!!

While I am the first to think that Covid-19 might be detrimental to women’s football; I can’t help but want, maybe need, to put on my rose colored glasses even for a moment to think that maybe we can turn this around.

1. Adversity in Women’s Football

Female players are used to adversity. Women have been dealing with adversity since they started playing. Even if there is a set back their innate nature has made them ready to climb back up. In fact, studies have shown that women’s estrogen could explain immune system-enhancing properties which make them more likely to survive adverse situations, such as famines and epidemics compared to men.

2. No money, no problem

Women’s Football has been playing with less for many years. If clubs take away some funding the women will find a way to play on. Where their male counterparts might throw tantrums and be unable to deal with it.

3. Family income

World economies are down and this means most people’s disposable income will go way down. Affording a Premier League game will be out of the question, with average price being £32 in the 2019/2020 season, where women’s ticket are as little at £3.50 for adults and £1 for children. If you need to get a fix of your favorite club the women’s games might be your best option. A family of four can go to a women’s game and still have money for refreshments for the price of an average ticket to a men’s game!

4. Big Business

We have all seen how the top leagues reliance on broadcasting has been a problem financially for most leagues during the pandemic. Once this is done those rights will definitely be changed freeing up money for women’s sport. Sponsors will also be more limited on their funding and why not get more for less! If they sponsor a women’s team they will definitely be paying or lower price tag than their male counterparts, but getting more from the players with activation’s and interactions.

5. Role Models

Some say if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. For many in sports, especially women, this has been a major issue. Today’s girls and women don’t have to look far to see women kicking butt against Covid-19. More female leaders have been successful during this crisis than their male counterparts in government.


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