How to Scout the Opposition in Football – Eredivisie S.B.V. Excelsior Report [PDF Download]


I have always been curious how opposition scouting is done in football. More importantly, how can a football analyst bring marginal improvements with statics. Or can they?

I have started searching for sample scouting reports online and couldn’t find anything that would satisfy my curiosity. Apart from 2013 Manchester United scouting report that was done with pen and paper and Opta generic reports, there wasn’t much available.

Of course I decided to learn WyScout and create a sample scouting report on Excelsior, which play in Eredivisie (Netherlands). I have summarized about 10 hours of diligent video watching in 10 slides. Keep in mind that the report was done in the early July when Excelsior had changed the squad, the coach and haven’t played any friendly games before the beginning of 2018/2019 season

Download PDF Here

Would love to hear some feedback especially from analysts who have worked with similar reports.


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